Sermon Notes 26-Aug-2018

Here is the end of last week’s reading, and at the end there is one
last argument. It is about everything Jesus has said, and it comes
from his own disciples. Those who had chosen to follow him, and to
live life Jesus’ way, found Jesus’ comments hard to accept. Jesus
challenges them even more, by suggesting he will ascend into
heaven, and that their bodies mean nothing, that true life is in the

We look at what Jesus said through an acceptance by faith, but many
of those who followed him, looked at his social actions and the peace
and authority of his life. They wanted to be like him and to learn from
him. They didn’t want to go into this spiritual thing.
There are still many people today who are happy for the moral
guidance of the Bible, to live like Jesus lived, and to impact on social
change like Jesus did. The spiritual conversation is not necessary.
Jesus’ refusal to soften his message, or to make it more acceptable
causes him to lose disciples, who would never return. In this day and
age there are churches who would say this was a failure. Surely
numbers are more important.

Jesus let them go, and the reading says that he already knew they
would go. Wouldn’t it be great to know those who would stay, and
those who would go, those who were committed, and those looking
for something from the faith, and who would fall away?
The reading ends with Jesus turning to the twelve and asking if they
will leave.

This is ironic, as Jesus must also have known they wouldn’t. It is more about Peter’s revelation, “‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God.’”

We do not stay because Jesus’ words are easy, and comforting.

We stay because we see the words as the giver of life, and we believe he is God.