Sermon 29 March 2020

Jesus finds out Lazarus is ill and stays 2 more days. He wants to make sure Lazarus is dead.

· Jesus’ disciples fear for his life.

· Jesus is not afraid because he walks in the light.

· Thomas calls the others to go and die too. He sees a bad ending.

· Mary and Martha believe in who Jesus is, but believe there is nothing he can do.

· Jesus knowing all things still weeps for others.

· Paul talks about flesh and Spirit. We can say darkness and light.

· Flesh worries about the world through the senses. In darkness we see nothing.

· Spirit sees the world through faith in God. In light we see everything.

· Darkness is around us and we give into the darkness. Where does God’s light shine and how strong is our light?

· Look at the darkness in the Gospel and see where Thomas, Mary, and Martha show their light.

· Where is our light?