Sermon 26 January 2020

Here we see Matthew’s account of Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James and John. Why is the calling of the disciples important? What does the writer hope to tell the readers by this information? I ask because this information affects our sense of calling today.

We see this in Paul’s letter. The believers in Corinth were divided by their commitment to different people. Each person – Paul, Apollo, Peter (Cephas) – had bought the Gospel message in their unique way, and therefore connected to different people. Even their relationships would have been different. In standing up for the message they were more impacted by their division.

Paul wants them to understand that they are not following people, they are following Christ.

Interestingly, Paul does not refer to the other perspectives. He only places his own ministry and life out for critic. Paul cannot speak for the others.

The disciples are defined so that their message can have authority. These were the people who were travelling the country proclaiming the Gospel, writing the Gospel, and the letters people were reading. The readers needed to understand why these writings were to be believed and trusted.

We can get caught by these accounts to believe that special people are called, but this is not true. All are called. We are called to take the message. The importance of our calling is not defined by who we are, but by how we respond to the call.

I watched the movie about Fred Rogers, ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’. This man made a major difference to the attitudes and values of children and people. He didn’t do it to be famous. He did it because he cared, and wanted to make a difference to the problems he saw with children and society.

Who are we? Nobodies in the big scheme of the world. We are not looking for people to follow us. We are looking to help people find God through Jesus Christ and to follow Christ’s life and example. Peter, Paul, John , James, Andrew and Fred were not looking for fame or fortune. They just wanted to answer the call.