Sermon 21 June 2020

· Paul looks at new life in regards to sin.

· Many embraced forgiveness for the sins of the past.

· Paul explains that it is not just forgiveness for the past, it is a turning from sin in the future too.

· Jesus’ death is their death.

· As Jesus was resurrected so are they.

· Resurrection is not just from physical death, it is a new life now.

· Jesus died yet lives, they can die to their past yet live a new life.

· In the Gospel Jesus talks about a new life that is equality with teacher’s/master’s.

· This new life is not lived in hiding or secretively.

· This life is proclaimed no matter what the cost.

·  More important then social expectation.

· Jesus relates it to the most influential relationship of his time, the family.

· Jesus is saying that the relationship in this new life with him and God is to be the most important.

· Living and proclaiming the new life we have in Christ is always under attack.

· How much does our new life mean to us?

· Will we go back?