Reflection 8 September 2019


: Does Jesus really require us to destroy self, family and all other meaningful human relationships, as well as getting rid of all our possessions (whether useful or not), in order to be his disciples? In other passages he urges us to love one another and tells us that this love is the test of discipleship. So, he doesn’t really want us to hate anyone. He is using typical Middle Eastern exaggeration (as he often did) to get people’s attention and drive home the point that all other loyalties need to be subsidiary to our relationship with him.

Give thanks for our creator God’s faithfulness to you (Psalm), and pray that you will be a ‘salty’ disciple of Jesus.

Give thanks for the Church of Ceylon, which covers most of Sri Lanka, remembering their ministry in a multi-religious context.

Text:            The Rev Ross Cameron, Diocese of Brisbane
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019