Sermon 5 May 2019

We come to the next part of John’s Gospel. Though it appears to be a different event there are some similarities with lasts weeks reading. Though he is with everyone, he appears to have come to deal with one of his disciple’s problems. Last week was Thomas, this week it is Peter.

This only appears in John’s Gospel and we see the importance of the number three here too. The three questions of Peter’s love for Jesus are understood to be connected to Peter’s denial of Jesus.

This reaching out of Jesus to heal Peter is so important to us all. Having died on the cross and rising we could say that Jesus had completed everything. Jesus’ time with the disciples was about finishing the work in them and preparing them to continue Jesus’ mission for God. Jesus will always be reaching out to those who are in need. Jesus is not about the masses as a whole, but about the mass as individuals.

God/Jesus, cares about our individual hurt, and wants to heal us.