Reflections 5 May 2019


Love: Today we find Jesus quizzing St Peter over whether he truly loves him – fair enough given his thrice-denial of Christ before a rooster’s crowing had come home to roost. Jesus’ words to Peter reveal his instructions to the ordained ministry and to the Church more generally. The lambs are to be fed, the sheep are to be tended and fed. Pastoral care is to be at the heart of the Church. Pope Francis reminds clergy that they need to ‘smell like their sheep’ by working among them. This can be broadened to anyone in lay ministry: getting out there and loving others through quality pastoral care is what we are called to do.

Pray for the pastors in your parish.

Give thanks for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, remembering especially today Archbishop Allan Migi, his staff, clergy and people.

 Text: Robert McLean,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019