Sermon 26 May 2019

Last week I explained how love we will fulfil the laws. This week we continue talking about love as we see Jesus tell the disciples that if they love they will obey his teachings (v23). Love is the motivation for Godly action.

In verse 26 Jesus suggests that the disciples do not totally understand, or that they will not remember what he has said. He had to tell them, because that was one of the reasons he came, but the understanding will not be activated until the coming of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Though this occurred before Jesus died, he was preparing the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Interestingly, by Jesus telling them about the Holy Spirit the event holds two purposes- to change the Disciples lives, and also to affirm Jesus’ place as Messiah (Christ).

Jesus goes on to give his peace to them, but not as the world understands it. His peace comes from God, as does his love. All that Jesus gives them is different from what it looks like in the world.

Even in his leaving they should be happy. They see his death as a bad thing, but it was a good thing.

Peace, love, death, do we truly understand them? We may have our earthly understanding, but it is only in the Spirit that we can understand them as God does.

We prepare to end Easter next week, the time Jesus stayed with them, but it is not a bad thing. We begin to prepare to celebrate the third of the divine events, Pentecost, and the day God come to live in us, and to see love, peace and death in God’s way.