Reflections 31 March 2019

ABM Reflections

There are probably few stories that Jesus tells in the New Testament that are as moving and significant to all of us as that of the Prodigal Son. No tale illustrates God’s love and forgiveness in such tender ways. I often try to place myself in the place of the prodigal son on his journey home and to feel what he must have felt, a spiritual exercise that can bring me to some grief, then imagining the joy not only of the welcome home but the reconciliation that came with it. This Lenten season we remember that we are walking that same road home to the father where we are welcomed and forgiven through Christ.

Pray for reconciliation with those who we have wronged and who have wronged us; and pray that we might be as quick to show mercy and love as the father from the parable.

Give thanks for the Provinces of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, and Sudan. Pray for peace between and within both countries.

Text: The Rev Will Johnston,