Thought for the Week 3rd March

Thought for the Week from Anglican Mothers Union Australia Sunday 3 March 2019 Inspiring Women

When one of us was called to bear Gods own child, she said Yes”, And all the world still honours her Courage and faithfulness

When one of us was touched and healed by Jesus, she said, Yes”

to following the one who gave

the gift of holiness.

When one of us poured perfume out for Jesus, she said, Yes”,

with love, to Gods anointed one, the Christ whom we confess.

When one of us can shine and grow and flourish, she says, Yes

to Gods abundance filling her to strengthen and to bless.

Thank God for each and everyone

whose life proclaims a Yes”

to hope and love and justice done: Gods Good News, nothing less.

Words: Elizabeth Smith, used with permission.

Suggested music: Capel (AHB 337)

CCLI or OneLicence

Many women were also there, looking on from a distance; they had followed Jesus from Galilee and had provided for him. Among them were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. Matthew 27:5556

Inspiring Women abound in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan where Mothers’ Union is a ‘beacon of salt and light in that wounded and troubled nation’. There’s Mama Jesca who says to her trainees, ‘Even though there are bad things happening – women are being raped – you stay there, it’s God’s work.’ Mama Alice said that despite the diocese and staff losing all their property to looters and thieves, we continue to do the work of God’. Mamma Mary says her place is on the front line where the women surround us”.