Sermon 3rd March

This is the last epiphany, and a spectacular one.

Over the years we have looked at why it was Elijah and Moses, the prophets and the law. We have looked at the epiphany of Peter, and the reason it happened. That it is what we want it to be.

Personally, I believe the reason Jesus shined was because, for that moment Jesus was not in this world, but in the heavenly realm. He took on his divine appearance, and Moses and Elijah, were in that heavenly realm too.

The fact is though, I cannot prove this, and for some this event never really happened, and I mean for some Christians. Each person takes from the event what they want, it is the epiphany we want it to be.

In all the stories we have reflected on over the last eight weeks, It is not what I have said, or what the stories have said, but what each of us has taken from them. Again, I would like to believe we have seen what we have allowed God to show us.

We see God in action where we open ourselves to see God. The more we look to see God in our hearts the more we see God in the world. The more we see God in the world, the more we are moved to live our lives more fully with God, and for God.

Did Jesus transfigure? To believe he transfigured is to believe there are miracles and a God, and the opportunity to be transformed ourselves.

We approach Lent, a period of preparation for Easter, that we may see the deeper reality of this event. It can also be another 40 days of our lives, and the reality that life is moving faster than we would like.

It is what you want it to be.