Reflections 24 March


In a world so obsessed with commodity and goods, the reading from Isaiah really is refreshing, isn’t it? It shows not only the ‘immaterial’ nature of material goods but it shows the echoes of the great gathering force of the love of God – a force that doesn’t care in the slightest about the material status of the individual. This force is really summed up with Jesus’s pronouncement about the children of Jerusalem, that he wishes to gather them under his wings. As we travel through Lent, let us put away our desires for worldly things and allow ourselves to be gathered.

Pray that our divisions based on material status might be overcome; and pray for those who are so weighed down by debilitating material concerns that they forget God.

Give thanks for the Church of Ceylon, which covers most of Sri Lanka, remembering their ministry in a multi-religious context.

Text: The Rev Will Johnston,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019