Reflections 14 March 2019

ABM Reflections: As we journey through Lent we might find ourselves with the keen awareness that our God is a God of journeys. In our readings from today we see two journeys – one of Abraham from Ur to Canaan, and the other of Jesus and a handful of his disciples going up Mount Tabor. In both cases God is bringing his servants away from what is familiar and taking them to unfamiliar places, and often it can be scary for them. We know that ultimately they were strengthened by the experience in their faith. When God calls us out of our familiar surroundings we should take heart knowing that he is with us and we will ultimately be strengthened by our journey.

Pray for all those who God has called to difficult ministries, callings and occupations.

Give thanks for the Church of the Province of South East Asia, remembering especially the Most Rev Ng Moon Hing, his staff, clergy and people

Text: The Rev Will Johnston,