Reflections 10 March

ABM Reflections

Today is coincidently the First Sunday of Lent – the remembrance of Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days – and Valentine’s Day – where couples all over the Western world celebrate romantic love by being together and exchanging gifts. Out of love for his people Jesus ventures into the desert to fast and to pray – alone, and in this he is confronted with all the desires and difficulties that his human nature throws to him. In this he prevails because of his righteousness and shows us that there is no real love without sacrifice. We ought to remember this message on our Lenten journey and especially today.

Pray that we might have the strength to be able to follow the example of Jesus in sacrificing for those whom we love. 

Give thanks for the Anglican Church of Korea, the Daehan Seong Gong Hoe, remembering especially the Religious Orders within the Church – The Society of the Holy Cross (Seoul), the Order of St Benedict (Busan), the Daughters of St Francis (Busan) and the Society of St Francis (Gangwando).

Text: The Rev Will Johnston,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019