Sermon 30 June 2019

In this our second week of living the faith we see Jesus heading for his death and what happens on the way.

After Solomon died the Kingdom of Israel was divided into two parts, Israel in the north and Judah in the south. After the exile the land of Israel was cut into two parts Galilee in the north and Samaria in the south. Judah was then called Judea. In Jesus’ time there were three kingdoms. Galilee, Samaria, Judea.

Jesus is traveling through Samaria on his way to Jerusalem in Judea. The people of Samaria did not like the people of Judea, and vica versa. So it is understandable that the Samaritans had little time for those heading for Jerusalem.

John and James believe they should be punished, why?

Jesus rebuked John and James, why?

Then Jesus meets three men on his Journey to Jerusalem.

One who will go where Jesus is going

One Jesus asked, but wanted to bury his father

One who will follow, but wants to say goodbye to family.

What is this all about, and what does it have to do with us? For me it is understanding how people engage with God’s call. I also believe it is about how we engage with people’s decision.

The Samaritan’s didn’t want the message because of who was giving.

The first man wanted a destination.

The second man wanted to do right by his parents

The third man was concerned about his family.

All these issues were met with what appears to be a criticism.

John and James want the Samaritans punished.

There is no destination.

Let the dead bury themselves.

If you look back you are not worthy.

There are many reasons why we delay in living our faith, these are just a few, though they cover a lot of perspectives. Jesus is only trying to help them understand that if you are waiting for the right time then it will never happen.

There will never be the right time to live out our faith. If we believe there is something we need to do to live the faith then just do it.

How does Jesus deal with these needs/excuses/issues? Jesus did not get angry or judge. In the end Jesus accepted theirs and our excuses even if he doesn’t agree with them.