Sermon 2 June 2019

Why do we celebrate Ascension? It is not relevant to our salvation and it is hard for most people to believe. Surely removing it would be better for the acceptance of our faith by the wider community. We wouldn’t need to remove it from the Bible, just not talk about it.

There is also the fact that it meant more to the disciples at the time. They had lost Jesus for a second time, though they do not appear to be to traumatized.

As it is, I do not need to celebrate Ascension today. The service falls on a Thursday. I am celebrating it on a Sunday because I believe it is important.

It comes down to God. What can God do? It may seem an obvious question but I am not talking about the faith perspective, I am asking what each person believes God can do.

The belief in the Ascension is about what we believe God can do. Look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (20-21). He is trying get them to understand the greatness of God

The Ascension is not just about Jesus’ leaving it is the acceptance that God could do it. It is about preparing the disciples to be in awe and believe in a God who could do anything. It is the preparation for them to receive and live with the Holy Spirit.

If Jesus didn’t rise then God is just a good idea. We are therefore limited to our human ability, and God is like a comforter that makes us feel better about our problems.

Which God do you want to believe in?