Reflection 23 June 2019


Justice:  Today we join Jesus in the country of the Gerasenes, opposite Galilee. We meet a man ‘who had demons’ – perhaps what we might describe as suffering from some kind of mental illness. Jesus heals him of his affliction and restores him to his rightful place in his community. Though the swine-herds and townspeople are scared by Jesus’ restorative act, the cured man wants to spend time with Jesus. But Jesus has another priority for him: to go out and give others hope by declaring the good news of God’s healing. Spending time with Jesus is good, but not at the expense of proclaiming God’s kingdom.

May we all spend time with Jesus this week, and then proclaim God’s kingdom of love, hope and justice through words and action.

Give thanks for the Church of Ceylon, which covers most of Sri Lanka, remembering their ministry in a multi-religious context.

 Text: Robert McLean,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019