Sermons 10 february

10 February 2019

The joy of sharing your Epiphanies

We come to the next challenge of the Gospels. Today as we move forward in Luke’s Gospel, we see Jesus talking to the crowd, the great haul of fish, and the first disciples.

Interestingly, the Gospel of Matthew places the gathering of the disciples before Jesus goes to his home town, as does the Gospel of Mark. Luke has Jesus go to his home town alone, and then choosing the disciples. Again we find a difference that could suggest that there is something wrong.

I understand that the difference in location of the events in the timeline could be a challenge for some, maybe all of you, but we look at what we see in common, as we did last year when we looked at how the Gospel of John had a story about the choosing of the disciples, different from Matthew and Mark, and if it was possible that they were both true.

What gives validity to this encounter, is that Luke, like Matthew and Mark, sees Jesus meet the disciples at the nets, and calling them to be fishers of men. Luke, like John wrote about the large catch Jesus pointed out, though John puts it after the resurrection. Both events see the truth of Jesus’ divinity being revealed to the disciples. If we accept a human purpose in the writing of the gospel, we see the writers using the events of Jesus’ life to give meaning to their readers.

Luke sees this revelation as the start of the disciples’ journey, where John sees it as the revelation of Jesus’ resurrection. We look at Jesus from afar, as did the readers of the Gospels. Luke’s community did even more so, as they were gentiles. How do you help a community to understand who Jesus was, and what he had done?

The sharing of our epiphanies may seem insignificant, and irrelevant to the people around us, but they are the working of God in our lives. How we use them, and when, will differ to the needs of the people we share them with. It does not change their truth.

Jesus finishes this encounter with the words, ‘Do not be afraid, from now on you will fish for people.’ Jesus is talking to us.