Reflection 10th February


Sometimes, when we are confronted with the raw power of God’s majesty and are aware of his presence, our own feelings of inadequacy and sin can get in the way of our closeness to him. Sin is most definitely the one impediment for being close to God, but we ought always to remember that there isn’t a moment in this life where God will deny someone who turns to him. Peter in today’s Gospel represents all of us in our sin, begging that God goes away from him because with the awareness of God comes the awareness of our own human frailty and sin. We know very well how God used and changed St Peter’s human frailty to recreate him into a glorious man of God and example to all God’s people. We ought to have the faith to turn away from our sins and face God that he might do the same with us! Pray that we might unveil our hearts to God further and allow him to move and change us more deeply.

Pray that through our human frailty we might be able to understand our shared plight with others before God.

Give thanks for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, remembering especially today Archbishop Allan Migi, his staff, clergy and people.

Text: The Rev Will Johnston,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019