Reflections 7 July 2019

In Jewish tradition, seventy represented the number of Gentile (foreign) nations. Thus, Jesus’ sending out of seventy people foreshadows the mission of his Church to all nations.  When the seventy return ‘with joy’, Jesus says the main cause for rejoicing is not what they have done for God but what God has done and will do for them and for all who trustingly open their hearts to him and his message.

An essential part of that message is to ‘bear one another’s burdens’ and ‘work for the good of all’, as Paul reminds us, also using a harvest image to contrast dead-end life centred on self with eternal life given by the Spirit.

Pray that the Church’s mission and your part in it may be centred on ‘the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ’ as the source of God’s peace and mercy for all.

Give thanks for the work and witness of the Anglican Church of Melanesia.

Text: The Rev Ross Cameron, Diocese of Brisbane
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019