Reflection 21 July 2019

As a farmer’s son I have always felt some affinity with Amos (who told us in last Sunday’s reading that he was a farmer, not a professional prophet). The sorts of things he strongly condemned – dirty tricks, sharp practices, scams, shady deals, profits before people, are sadly still very much around today – also the misuse of power, ‘destroying slanders’, hurtful words and deceit mentioned in today’s Psalm. We need to take time regularly to listen to Jesus (as Mary did), including checking out any ways we are falling short of God’s standard of love, and repent accordingly.

Pray that the living Lord Jesus will truly be the head of your life as he is of the whole church, and that you may show forth in your life the reality of his presence and power.

Give thanks for the work and witness of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council.

Text: The Rev Ross Cameron, Diocese of Brisbane
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2019