Sermon 25 August 2019

In this reading we see a healing miracle of Jesus, but is it really the focus of this event? Luke seems to want to focus more on the attitude of the Pharisees.

It is hard to believe that anyone could have a problem with someone being healed. We cannot comprehend how the Jewish people lived the Sabbath. Even today the more orthodox Jews still hold the traditional understanding of the Sabbath. A Jewish person cannot do any work on the Sabbath which starts at sunset on the Friday till sunset on the Sunday. They couldn’t even start a fire.  There was damnation to any who broke the Sabbath.

Jesus is angry because the Pharisees did make exemptions for live stock out of compassion for the animal, but would not give that same compassion to the people.

When it says that the people were rejoicing at all the wonderful things Jesus was doing, were they referring to the healing, or Jesus’ treatment of the Pharisee?

There are those today who are separated from the church because of what it has done to them. When the church is attacked they rejoice. There are those who rejoice when they see a church that is healing people. 

Jesus did not come to destroy the Jewish church, he came to bring life to it. We can use our faith and our worship to burden people or we can use it to heal them. If we see our communities and our services as places of burden, then that is how we will engage with them and share that with others.

If our church and community are places of God, healing, peace and joy then we will engage with it that way and share it.

How do we see our church and our worship? What would we do to make it what God wants it to be? What an exciting opportunity.