Thought for the Week 11 August 2019

Anglican Mothers Union Australia

Across the generations

A saying for grandparents: ‘Keep your purse open and your mother shut’. Well, you can do that when you don’t have to run a tight ship getting kids off to school everyday etc, etc; but the older generation has a role and that is to be as trusting, generous and non-critical as we can – and we CAN. The verse from Psalm 145 below is a clarion call to not forget it’s up to us to hand on the faith! And as with the saying above, it’s to be done by showing OUR love and joy. With praise! With happiness! And with the most essential element of all, Confidence, not counting the cost but knowing it is God alone who works great marvels.

     One generation shall laud your works to another,
and shall declare your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4

The Parenting Programme in Myanmar encourages parents to be confident, while the trainers are confident they are passing on skills across the generations. Everyone parents someone. The loving skills required, the patience, the self-sacrifice, the giving and receiving – they build character in those involved. Let us thank the Lord for his goodness and loving kindness .