Sermon 11 August 2019

What we have looked at in this season of growing as disciples is:

  • 1/ being set free
  • 2/ being called
  • 3/ sending us out
  • 4/ loving our neighbour
  • 5/ placing God as the centre of all we do
  • 6/ how to pray
  • 7/ not to be greedy

Today we are called to be greedy for the kingdom. Store up things in heaven. This has two benefits

  • 1/ these treasures do not get destroyed, stolen or decay.
  • 2/ because your heart is with your treasure, your heart can not be hurt.

Jesus then goes on about being ready for the master, and then about knowing when the thief is coming. It appears unrelated to the treasure, but it isn’t.

The important point Jesus makes, in the first part, is that the master is returning from the wedding festival. For the people of the time the importance was probably in the fact that the master could return at anytime, but the reference is a prophecy. Jesus’ return is about the wedding between Jesus and his church. The Master is God coming out of the great joy for the union and to serve the church. The church though are those whose heart is set on God’s kingdom.

The second part compares God to the thief. Many people do not worry about storing up in heaven because they think they have enough time, but Jesus’ coming, and our death, come at a time we are not prepared for. More importantly not enough time to place our hearts in God’s love.

Most of us try to have both treasures. To have enough in this world as well as enough in God’s world. I will compare it to a seesaw. We think that there is an equal amount of timber on either side of the centre of balance and we are trying to keep the seesaw on a level point. If one gets more time and energy it will tip in that direction. There is a need to give more to the other to keep it level. This alone is hard.

What if our hearts are the centre of balance and we can move the centre of balance so that there is more timber (more influence) at the end we like. This will mean tipping the seesaw is easier on the side that has more influence. The effort needed to bring it back to balance is far greater. So it is not what is on the seesaw that tips it, it is how much influence it has on our hearts.

We must also remember that the balancing makes it hard for us. God is not trying to make things harder for us. When God’s kingdom has more influence on our lives the tipping is easy.