Sermon 21 April 2019

In Luke’s account we see four groups, the angels, the women, those the women told, and Peter.

Looking at how they approached the resurrection we find the angels bought a certainty of what had happened.

The women approached the tomb believing that Jesus was dead. They left seemingly convinced by the angels that Jesus was alive, but do they?

Those the women told about their experience believed Jesus was dead, and refused to believe that he was alive.

Peter however questioned and went to check out the tomb. This did not totally convince Peter, but he was open to the possibility that Jesus had risen.

It seems strange that in Luke’s description of the first encounter at the tomb, there is no actual meeting with Jesus. It is a bit of a let down. Is it deliberate that Luke leaves the first encounter with Jesus out? Maybe he wants to look at how people approached the information and facts.

We come today as a mixed group. Some of us are like the angels, we believe and proclaim the resurrection, some here are like the women, we share what we have been told, but do we believe? There are some who are like those who were told, we believe in Jesus, but we doubt the resurrection. There are those who are like Peter and we want to believe, we look to check the information, but we still wonder if it is true.

The truth of the resurrection was not immediately accepted, and the true acceptance was not through fact, or evidence. Easter has come, but the truth of it is yet to be revealed. We are on a journey and we will wait another 40 days to see the truth revealed.

Will you return in 40 days, 9 June, to experience the final act in our triune journey. To meet the Holy Spirit, who will reveal everything?