Sermon 14 April 2019

Today is a weird Sunday in that we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as king and then read Luke’s version of Jesus’ Passion. Do we celebrate or reflect?

For much of the readings there is both a human and theological reason for the way things are. From a human point, this may be the only time people hear the Passion narrative.

From a Theological/God reason, the service sees us move from the joy of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the reflective realization of what this week meant to Jesus.

Did Jesus ride into Jerusalem glorying in the peoples worship, or did he enter carrying the weight of what was to come.

We are entering Holy week. We have the opportunity to walk with Jesus to his death on Good Friday and to take time each day to remember what is to come. It may sound strange, but some may be impact on how they feel during the week, and some may find themselves wishing the week was over. Some may find the reflection depressing and give up.

As we engage with our thoughts and feelings, we think about what it meant for Jesus.

The gift of the cross came with a burden for Jesus long before he was arrested. It is great to be able to let that burden go if it gets too hard. Jesus chose not too.

That is why we are grateful.