Reflection 14 April 2019


Justice? Today we find ourselves at the foot of the Cross. Jesus, our teacher and friend, has been put to an agonising death. As the great Australian poet James McAuley writes in O Jesus Crucified, How can we pass by and not care? / It was our sins that nailed him there / On the cross.

The centurion – an outsider, one of the military occupiers can see what the insiders cannot: ‘Certainly this man was innocent,’ he says. What justice is it for the Lamb of God?

With McAuley let us pray: ‘May we die to sin and so share / The triumph he enacted there / On the cross.

Give thanks for the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, remembering especially the Church’s Decade of Mission, 2016-2025.

 Text: Robert McLean,
© Anglican Board of Mission, 201