Anglican Church Pray Daily

Pray Daily – April 2020

Throughout April
Coronavirus pandemic – a suggested prayer:
Gracious God,
We give thanks anew for your providence and presence.
We prayerfully seek your grace, amidst COVID-19 here and overseas.
We pray for those in need of healing.
We pray for your peace with those who are anxious or grieving.
We pray you will continue to strengthen and sustain all those who are serving in response.
We pray for your Holy Spirit’s discernment amidst the many choices and decisions facing our national, community and medical leaders.
We pray we each might see quickly what more we can do to help those who are vulnerable.
This prayer for our nation in the family of nations, with all that is on our hearts, we gather now and pray through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.

A prayer from the National Council of Churches
• Parishes seeking new incumbents: Algester, Bardon, Bulimba, Carindale, Gayndah, Goonaneman, Lutwyche, Kingaroy, Mt Gravatt, Noosa, Sunnybank, Tamborine Mountain, Woolloongabba

Wednesday 1 April
• The Dioceses of Mbhashe (Southern Africa): †Elliot Williams; Wernyol (South Sudan): †Gabriel Kuol Garang
• The Diocese of Duk and the ongoing work of peace-making in South Sudan: †Daniel Deng Abot
• The Anglican Church of Australia: The Acting Primate †Phillip Aspinall; The General Secretary – Anne Hywood; The General Synod and the Standing Committee
• The Parish of South Brisbane: Alan Moore, Rod Irvine, Lex MacQueen, Richard Gibson, Ian McGrath, John Arnold
• Anglicare ASCQ: Karen Crouch & staff
• Anglican Schools Office, Church House: Executive Director – Sherril Molloy & staff

Thursday 2 April
• The Dioceses of Meath & Kildare (Ireland): †Patricia Louise Storey; West Ankole (Uganda): †Johnson Twinomujuni; West Buganda (Uganda): †Henry Katumba-Tamale
• The Diocese of Adelaide: †Geoff Smith, †Timothy Harris, †Chris McLeod, †Denise Ferguson; Clergy & People
• The Parish of Southport: Don Parker, John Pinson, Jim Edson, Margaret Hampson
• Anglicare Australia: Kasy Chambers & staff
• Anglican Church Grammar School, East Brisbane: Headmaster – Alan Campbell; Chaplain – Bryan Gadd; Chair of School Council – Daniel O’Connor, members of School Council; staff & students

Friday 3 April
• The Dioceses of Medak (South India): †A.C. Solomon Raj; West Lango (Uganda): †Alfred Acur Okodi
• The Diocese of Armidale: †Rick Lewers; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Springfield: Charlie Lacey, Erika Williams, Trevor Adams
• Princess Alexandra Hospital and Mater Hospital ministry: Cheryl Selvage, Joanne McDiarmid, Adriana Graham and Volunteers
• Cannon Hill Anglican College, Cannon Hill: Principal – Gary O’Brien; Chaplain – Vacant; Chair of College Council – Gavin Nicholson; members of College Council; staff & students

Saturday 4 April
• The Episcopal Church of West Missouri: †Martin Field
• The Diocese of Bathurst: †Mark Calder; Clergy and People
• The Parish of St George with Dirranbandi: Paul Mitchell – Locum
• Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital: Carol O’Ryan, Judy Shepherd & Volunteers
• Canterbury College, Waterford: Principal – Daniel Walker; Chaplain – Elroy Mee; Chair of College Council – Jeff Thomas; members of College Council; staff & students

Sunday 5 April
• Pray for the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean – †James Richard Wong Yin Song – Archbishop, Province of Indian Ocean & Bishop of the Seychelles
• The Diocese of Ballarat: †Garry Weatherill; Clergy and People
• The Parish of St John’s Cathedral: Peter Catt, Julia Van Den Bos, Ann Solari, Kate Ross, John Morgan, Richard Tutin, Bruce Henzell, Bruce Maughan, Mary Roberts, Mary Florence, Alwyn Hayes, Alan Sandaver, Terry Booth, Libbie Crossman, Linda McWilliam, Bruce Boase, Cheryl Selvage, Sarah Plowman, Graham Dorman, Nicole Colledge, George Markotsis, Bp Bill Ray, Graham Warren, Edmund Dunglison, Imelda O’Loughlin, Bp Doug Stevens
• Queensland Children’s Hospital: Carol O’Ryan
• Coomera Anglican College, Coomera: Principal – Mark Sly; Chaplain – Mary-Anne Rulfs; Chair of School Council – Stephen Knott; members of College Council; staff & students

Monday 6 April
• The Dioceses of Meru (Kenya): †Charles Mwendwa; West Malaysia (South East Asia): †Ng Moon Hing; The Episcopal Church of Idaho: †Brian Thom
• The Diocese of Bendigo: †Matt Brain; Clergy and People
• The Parish of St Lucia: Michael Faragher, David Johnstone, Karol Misso, Hugh Begbie, Bill Crossman, Tom Van Den Bos
• Prince Charles & Holy Spirit Northside: Judy Burt and Volunteers
• Fraser Coast Anglican College, Hervey Bay: Principal – Joe Wright; Chaplain – Jeff Jarvis; Chair of College Council – Kirsti Kee; members of College Council; staff & students

Tuesday 7 April
• The Dioceses of Mexico (Mexico): †Carlos Touche-Porter; Ideato (Nigeria): †Caleb Maduoma; The Episcopal Church of West Tennessee: †Don Johnson
• The Diocese of Brisbane: †Phillip Aspinall; Assistant Bishops: †Cameron Venables, †Jeremy Greaves, †John Roundhill; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Stafford: Kevin Bourke, Lee Gauld, Leisha Rule, Keith Foote, Heather Toon
• St Pete’s Brekkie Club & St Pete’s Pantry, Wynnum
• Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera: Principal – Geoff Newton; Chaplain – David Adams; Chair of School Council – Robert Seljak; members of School Council; staff & students

Wednesday 8 April
• The Episcopal Churches of Michigan: †Bonnie Perry; West Texas: †David Reed
• The Diocese of Bunbury: †Ian Coutts, Clergy and People
• The Parish of Stanthorpe: Daniel Sitaram, Alan Colyer
• Trinity Family Support Network, Robina
• Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Buderim: Principal – Stuart Meade; Chaplain – Kathrin Koning; Chair of College Council – Evan Gilbert; members of College Council; staff & students

Thursday 9 April
• The Diocese of Western Izon (Nigeria): †Edafe Emamezi; The Episcopal Churches of Milwaukee: †Steven Miller; West Virginia: †Willam Michie Klusmeyer
• The Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn: †Mark Short, Assistant Bishops: †Trevor Edwards, †Stephen Pickard & †Carol Wagner; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Strathpine: Des Potter, Beryl Nielsen
• FSG (Family Support Group)
• St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, Corinda: Principal – Toni Riordan; Chaplain – Gillian Moses; Chair of School Council – Cecile Wake; School Council members; staff & students

Friday 10 April
• The Diocese of Minna (Nigeria): †Daniel Abu Yisa; The Episcopal Church of Western Kansas: †Michael Milliken
• Ministry to the Defence Force: †Grant Dibden; Chaplains & Members of the Defence Force
• The Parish of Sunnybank: Colin Nicholson – Locum, Peter Jeffery, Rhonda Soltes
• Child Care Centres
• St Andrew’s Anglican College, Peregian Springs: Principal – Chris Ivey; Chaplain – Gary McClellan; Chair of College Council – Rosalyn Cheales; members of College Council; staff & students

Saturday 11 April
• The Dioceses of Western Kowloon (Hong Kong): †Andrew Chan; Idoani (Nigeria): †Ezekiel Dahunsi; The Episcopal Church of Minnesota: †Brian Prior
• The Diocese of Gippsland: †Richard Treloar, Clergy and People
• The Parish of Surfers Paradise: Michael Uptin, Len Nairn, Lima Bray, Trevor Sketcher
• St John’s Cathedral Shop
• St Hilda’s School, Southport: A/g Head of School – Wendy Lauman; Chaplain – Patrick Duckworth; Chair of School Council – Susan Brandis; members of School Council; staff & students

Sunday 12 April
• Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the People of the Land of the Holy One
• The Diocese of Grafton: †Murray Harvey; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Tamborine Mountain: Ken Spreadborough – Locum, John Corner, Martin Hunnybun, Robin Keeley
• Roslyn Lodge Pastoral Visitation Program, Mt Tamborine
• St Luke’s Anglican School, Bundaberg: Principal – Craig Merritt; Chaplain – Iain Furby; Chair of School Council – Hermina Conradie; members of School Council; staff & students

Monday 13 April
• The Dioceses of Mishamikoweesh (Canada): †Lydia Mamakwa; Ife (Nigeria): †Olubunmi A Akinlade; Ife East (Nigeria): †Oluseyi Oyelade; The Episcopal Church of Western Louisiana: †Jacob W Owensby
• Ministry with the Aboriginal People of Australia: †Chris McLeod
• The Parish of Tara: Lay Ministry Team
• Emergency Relief Programs
• St John’s Anglican College, Forest Lake: Head of College – Maria McIvor; Chaplain – Vacant; Chair of College Council – Steve Scott; members of College Council; staff & students

Tuesday 14 April
• The Dioceses of Ifo (Nigeria): †Nathaniel Oladejo Ogundipe; The Episcopal Church of Mississippi: †Brian Seage;
• Western Massachusetts: †Douglas Fisher
• Ministry with the Torres Strait Island People of Australia
• The Parish of Texas-Inglewood: Kay Hart – Locum
• Churchwardens, Parish Councillors, Parish Nominators and Synod Representatives
• St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Ascot: Principal – Roslyn Curtis; Chaplain – Susan Crothers-Robertson; Chair of School Council – Alison Quinn; School Council members; staff & students

Wednesday 15 April
• The Diocese of Western Mexico (Mexico): Ricardo Joel Gómez Osnaya†; The Episcopal Church of Missouri: †Wayne Smith
• The Diocese of Melbourne: †Philip Freier; Regional Bishops: †Genieve Blackwell, †Bradly Billings, †Paul Barker, †Kate Prowd; Clergy and People
• The Parish of The Gap: Bruce Sligo – Locum, Ken Collins, Desley Green
• Liturgical Assistants in parishes and schools
• St Paul’s School, Bald Hills: Headmaster – Paul Browning; Chaplain – Mark Leam; Acting Chair of School Council – Lynda Johnson; members of School Council; staff & students

Thursday 16 April
• The Diocese of Mityana (Uganda): vacant; The Episcopal Churches of Western Michigan: †Whayne Hougland;
• Western New York: †William Franklin
• The Diocese of Newcastle: †Peter Stuart; Regional Bishops: †Sonia Roulston, †Charlie Murry; Clergy and People
• The Parish of The Lakes Anglican Church: Daniel Berris, John Simpson
• Home Carers
• The Glennie School, Toowoomba: Interim Principal – Peter Crawley: Chaplain – Sharon Mitchell; Chair of School Council – Elizabeth Gillam; members of School Council; staff & students

Friday 17 April
• The Dioceses of Mombasa (Kenya): †Alphonce Mwaro Baya; Western Newfoundland (Canada): †John Organ; The Episcopal Church of Western North Carolina: †José Antonio McLoughlin
• The Diocese of the Northern Territory: †Greg Anderson; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Toowong: Tom Sullivan, Alan Dale, Elsie Clack
• St John’s Home for Aged Men – Toowong
• The Southport School, Southport: Headmaster – Greg Wain; Chaplain – Jonathan Whereat; Chair of School Council – Fraser Perrin; members of School Council; staff & students

Saturday 18 April
• The Dioceses of Monmouth (Wales): †Cherry Vann; Western Tanganyika (Tanzania): †Sadock Makaya; Igbomina (Nigeria): †Emmanuel Adekola
• The Diocese of North Queensland: †Keith Joseph; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Toowoomba West: Pauline Harley, Arthur Prosser, Andrew Baldwin, John Tyler
• St Martin’s Residential Aged Care – Taigum
• The Springfield Anglican College, Springfield: A/g Head of College – Wendy Ashley-Cooper; Chaplain – Erika Williams; Chair of College Council – Tim Reid; members of College Council; staff & students

Sunday 19 April
• Pray for the Church of Church of Ireland – Vacant
• The Diocese of North West Australia: †Gary Nelson; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Toowoomba, St Bartholomew’s: Adam Lowe, Daniel Rouhead, Peter Dutton, Bettrys Lowe, Amy Norman, Michael Calder, Holly Adamson
• Anglicare SQ Children & Families, Morayfield Residential & Foster Kinship Care
• Toowoomba Anglican School, Toowoomba: Head of School – Simon Lees; Chaplain – Zoe Browne; Chair of School Council – Mac Drysdale; members of School Council; staff & students

Monday 20 April
• The Dioceses of Wiawso (West Africa): †Abraham Kobina Ackah; Igbomina – West (Nigeria): †Olajide Adebayo; The Episcopal Church of Montana: †C. Franklin Brookhart
• The Diocese of Perth: †Kay Goldsworthy; Assistant Bishops: †Kate Wilmot, †Jeremy James; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Toowoomba, St James: Mark Carlyon, Bev Thorogood, John Pryce-Davies, Garth Shaw, Deborah Bird, David Snape, Matthew Weatherley
• Anglicare SQ Multicultural Program
• West Moreton Anglican College, Karrabin: Principal – Geoff McLay; Chaplaincy team – Louise Orpe, Brenda Davis & Juliana Bate; Chair of College Council – Ian Lupton; members of School Council; staff & students

Tuesday 21 April
• The Dioceses of Montreal (Canada): †Mary Irwin-Gibson; Ijebu (Nigeria): †Ezekiel Awosoga; Ijebu – North (Nigeria): †Solomon Kuponu
• The Diocese of Riverina: †Donald Kirk; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Toowoomba, St Luke’s: Paul Mitchell, Peter Mayen, Fred Ailwood, Terry Leonard, Bill Watson, Bp Clyde Wood, Malcolm Twine, Sharon Mitchell
• Anglicare SQ Mental Health & Wellbeing
• All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac: Headmaster – Patrick Wallas; Chaplain – Ann McGuinness; Chair of School Council – John Fradgley; members of School Council; staff & students

Wednesday 22 April
• The Dioceses of Moosonee (Canada): †Thomas Corston; Winchester (England): †Tim Dakin
• The Diocese of Rockhampton: Vacant; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Torres Strait Islander Parish:
• Anglicare SQ Brisbane South Community Services
• St John’s College UQ: Rose Alwyn – Warden; Chaplain – Ceri Wynne; Chair of Council – John Peden; members of College Council; staff & students

Thursday 23 April
• The Dioceses of Moray, Ross & Caithness (Scotland): †Mark Strange; Windward Islands (West Indies): †C. Leopold Friday; Wondurba (South Sudan): †Matthew Taban Peter
• The Diocese of Sydney: †Glenn Davies; Assistant Bishops: †Peter Hayward, †Christopher Edwards, †Peter Lin, †Michael Stead, †Malcolm Richards, †Gary Siew Leong Koo; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Warwick: Lizzie Gaitskell, Barbara Diery, Julie Simpson, Rosemary Peterson, Stephanie Frances, Valerie Graydon
• Anglicare SQ Living Well Program
• St Francis Theological College, Milton: Principal – †Jonathan Holland; Academic Dean – Peter Kline; staff; sessional lecturers & students

Friday 24 April
• The Dioceses of Morobo (South Sudan): †James Kenyi Elia; Worcester (England): †John Inge
• The Diocese of Tasmania: †Richard Condie; Assistant Bishop †Chris Jones; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Waterloo Bay: Scott Gunthorpe, John Bretz, James Cosgrove, Rhonda Soltes
• Anglicare SQ The Glebe retirement village (Toowoomba)
• Anglican Schools Australia Management Committee and Member Schools: President – Peter Laurence

Saturday 25 April
• The Dioceses of Morogoro (Tanzania): †Godfrey Sehaba; Wulu (South Sudan): †Zacharia Mangar Apeti; Ijesa North East (Nigeria): †Joseph Olusola
• The Diocese of The Murray: †Keith Dalby; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Wilston: Max Lambourne, David Pope
• Anglicare SQ Remote and Rural Community Services
• All Anglican Schools Business Managers/Bursars and Senior Leaders

Sunday 26 April
• Pray for the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East – †Michael Lewis –Archbishop, Jerusalem & the Middle East & Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf
• The Diocese of Wangaratta: †Clarence Bester; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Wishart: Peter Judge-Mears, Thomas Milton, Christopher Boyce, Graeme Goldsworthy, David Rogers-Smith, Michelle Philp
• Anglicare SQ West Region Community Services (Toowoomba)
• State School Teachers

Monday 27 April
• The Dioceses of Mount Kenya Central (Kenya): †Timothy Gichere; Mount Kenya South (Kenya): †Timothy Ranji; Mount Kenya West (Kenya): †Joseph Kagunda
• The Diocese of Willochra: †John Stead; Clergy and People
• The Parish of Woolloongabba: Bp Doug Stevens – Locum
• Anglicare SQ Homelessness Services – Women & Families

Tuesday 28 April
• The Dioceses of Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania): †Stanley Elilekia Hotay; Wusasa (Nigeria): †Ali Buba Lamido; Ijesha North (Nigeria): †Isaac Oluyamo
• The Parish of Wynnum: Donna Petersen
• Sudanese Congregations in Anglican Church Southern Queensland

Wednesday 29 April
• The Diocese of Mpumalanga (Southern Africa): †Daniel Kgomosotho; The Episcopal Church of Wyoming: †John Smylie
• The Parish of Yeronga: Rebecca King
• Converge International Industrial Chaplain

Thursday 30 April
• The Dioceses of Mpwapwa (Tanzania): †Jacob Erasto Chimeledya; Yambio (South Sudan): †Samuel Peni; Yangon (Myanmar): †Stephen Than Myint Oo
• The Parish of Zillmere: Helen Button, John Keyt, Margorie Charrington, Sr Gillian SSA
• Indigenous Leaders and Communities in the Diocese